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Pickle Pops!

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from bachelorguy.com

Re-hydrating Pickle Sickles


There were a few high-profile stories last year about the health benefits of drinking pickle juice in place of sports drinks to battle dehydration and muscle
cramping while working out or playing sports. As nasty as it sounds,
several high school and college football players swear by it.

Low in fat, low in sugar, high in potassium, with a needed shot of sodium and vinegar,
pickles and their juice have the ingredients that make for decent
re-hydration. It’s just hard to get past the disgusting factor.

One way to get the benefits of pickle juice, without gagging, is to grab one of Bob’s Pickle Pops.

They’re made from the actual juice of squeezed pickles – not the brine
they soak in. After a few hours in your freezer
you’ve got some picklescicles to throw in your cooler, good for
rehydrating after a day of beach volleyball with those blondes
vacationing from Ohio. And it’s perfectly acceptable to offer them a
pickle to suck on.

$19.95 for 20

I get a song in my head…

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and just cant get it out…
ahh memories…

H&K III!!!

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‘Harold & Kumar’ set for third puff

Hurwitz, Schlossberg to pen third outing <!–

'Harold and Kumar'
The ‘Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay’ DVD is set for release on Tuesday.



Harold and Kumar are ready to spark up again. More

Telly v. Cookie

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Why am i on such a Sesame Street Kick lately?

Captain Underpants!!!

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Awww Yeahhhh


Holy Crap!

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Freakin Awesome!

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